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A Moment Became a Movement


What Is The Revival Reformation Alliance?

The purpose of the Revival Reformation Alliance (RRA) network is to take the relationships and spiritual equity gained by the Battle for Canada movement and weave together, in equal measure, a “threefold strand that is not easily broken” (Ecc. 4:2) for future impact. These three cords each represent a non-negotiable third of our reason to exist: Revival, Reformation, and Alliance. Any one or two of the three are insufficient and incomplete.

Revival alone does not guarantee Reformation, but can be the catalyst for renewed Christian investment in culture. Reformation is not dependent on Revival, and should not wait for it, but can be far more potent in the climate of Revival. Individuals and local churches can strive for Revival and/or Reformation paradigms, but regional and national Kingdom transformation will be limited without a strong, unified Alliance of like-minded relationships, labors and strategic goals. Together, these three pillars form the core values that will define every future labor of the RRA.

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