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  • Echoes of Zion - Rising from the Ashes
  • Echoes of Zion - Rising from the Ashes

Echoes of Zion - Rising from the Ashes


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From rubble and pain, from ashes and death a woman emerges. In glorious beauty she arises. Once young, vulnerable and exploited she rises victorious. From the very early moments of life, Jesus stood by her side, His presence surrounded her. Through all the darkness and evil, He caught all her tears and placed them lovingly in the healing rivers. Years turn to decades and this book captures the essence of the horrors she has found today. Glory from ashes. Little Echo rises to become the new name which God has bestowed on her… ZION.


For many years young Echo faced a tortuous and painful reality of sexual and psychological abuse. Through these pages you will read of her experiences, how she managed them as a child, and how she walked the excruciating journey back from numbness to feeling. You too, no matter what you have faced, can find hope in Jesus that one day you will also rise from the ashes.


About the Author – 


Zion Lucier is an author and avid pursuer of God. She is a survivor of abuse, and has learned emotionally poignant lessons from deep suffering. Her passion is to help others who desire closeness with God to identify and remove anything that would try to hinder this life-changing relationship. Join her on this journey to freedom! 

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