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  • ELPHA - Happy to Be Me
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ELPHA - Happy to Be Me


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A delightful book with colorful illustrations, poetic humor, enlightening scenarios and an adorable baby elephant named ELPHA. ELPHA! Happy To Be Me, finds ELPHA dreaming to be a butterfly. ELPHA invites children into her world of dreams, instilling in them their God-given identity, purpose and value, through the lessons she learns. ELPHA! Happy To Be Me, is the first of a series of ELPHA books with each one addressing different real-life issues that children may find themselves facing in today’s society.

  • Gwen Mercer has ministered acceptance and love to children for over 30 years. She believes children’s lives are transformed simply by knowing their identity and purpose in life. Her past experiences include working as a child daycare provider, children’s church supervisor, youth leader and teacher’s assistant from grades one to five.

    An ordained minister with a Journalism Diploma, Gwen was also a columnist in the Trail Daily Times in Trail, B.C. Her passions are ministering to children and writing. She has managed to do both through ELPHA! Currently Gwen is on the leadership team at Kelowna Harvest Fellowship, in Kelowna, B.C

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